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The Best Scar Remedies for Unwanted Blemishes

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Esther, wearing a surfing battle wound on her elbow
Esther, wearing a surfing battle wound on her elbow

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The surf life, with its thrills and spills, has left its mark. Scars abound across my body, each a reminder of various reef breaks around the world. Although I've ultimately come to embrace the 5-inch scar across my left elbow (I think it gives the arm character), I could do without a lot of the nicks and scratches I've collected along the way. So through much trial and error of creams, gels, and old wives' tales, I finally found products that deliver results. Battle wounds, stretch marks, and acne scars vanish with nary a trace. Just remember to always protect healing skin from the sun throughout the delicate healing process regardless of choice of product.Esther Hahn

The Kinerase Scar Treatment Therapy ($48) is magic encapsulated. I bought my first tube in a panic, when my dog clumsily pawed my face, leaving scratches sure to remain as marks. After a week of consistently applying this gel (three times daily), the scars are so faint that they go unnoticed by the naked eye. This would be my first choice to treat the face. But the price (for only 1 oz. of product) precludes this remedy from being a viable option for larger scars on the body.

The Mederma Scar Gel ($16.89), on the other hand, is perfect for body scars and stretch marks. And sold through most drugstores, this product is easy to find. I like to use this one on my older scars. Consistency and patience are key. I didn't see a visible difference overnight, but after a few months of use, the scars have faded and stopped reacting to sun exposure.

My absolute favorite coconut oil is Indah's Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ($15 AUD), a raw, hand-pressed coconut oil made in Bali. Currently only available in Australia and New Zealand, I stock up while on surf trips down under. When slathered onto the face and body (usually after a shower), my skin quality improves, wrinkles diminish and scars fade. The incredibly high amounts of Lauric Acid found in this oil fight free radicals, helping skin to win the battle. But be sure to wipe down the excess residue before hopping into bed as the non-absorbed oil can stain clothing and sheets.

For the days I don't want to mess with solid coconut oil, I turn to Dr. Adorable's Organic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil ($14.99). In a pure liquid form, this oil absorbs quickly and hydrates and heals scars while nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Try mixing in an essential oil from Benedetta in the Ferry Building to maximize scar healing properties.
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