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We Ask R29's Partygoers: What Will You Do Before You Turn 30?

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When you ask a twenty-something what they wish to achieve before they turn 30, shit gets real. A look of: "OMG why did you just do that to me I was having fun at a party" comes over their face. They first try to think of what they would actually like to do before they begin their 30th year on earth, and then they consider what answer will sound good to others. Some meld of the two is what they finally tell you, though they might deliver said answer hours later, after they've had more time to think and beverages to consume. We know because that's exactly what we did at Refinery 29 San Francisco's 30 Under 30 Party at The NWBLK last week. But their thoughtfulness paid off and their answers were wonderful! When we posed this same question to the under-thirties in New York, traveling to Japan was a running theme. In San Francisco, travel dreams turned to Africa. Which geographically is counterintuitive, but it somehow seems fitting. Other dreams included farm-to-table restaurants, biking across the country, and marriage. Ah, San Francisco, this is why we love you.
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