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Six Printed Dresses to Take Your Summer to the Next Level

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<strong>McQ by Alexander McQueen</strong> Kaleidoscope-Print Dress, <a href=";PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446588954&amp;R=886463092468&amp;P_name=McQ+Alexa
McQ by Alexander McQueen Kaleidoscope-Print Dress,

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Summer is the perfect season to add bold pieces to your wardrobe. Loud and colorful prints look best against a tan backdrop (so that you are wearing the dress and not vice versa), which often coincides with the warmer months thanks to tropical getaways and longer daylight hours. And wearing these festive stunners out on summer adventures will forever evoke fond memories of hot days with sandals and sangria and warm nights with BBQs and cold brews. So stock up and wear often--these babies should last you all the way through Indian Summer.Esther Hahn

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