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These Made in SF Swim Trunks Eliminate Chub Rub

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Photos via Chubbies

Chubbies, the San Francisco apparel brand that hates pants, is releasing a spankin' new line of swim trunks this morning that, like its inaugural line of shorts, the company claims are the most comfortable in existence, in large part because they "liberate your thighs." No more scratchy fabric chafing between those manly gams as you walk.

Until today, Chubbies made "shorts and only shorts," and maintained a disdain for pants. The disdain hasn't changed, but the brand has added swim trunks to its repertoire. The swim line will be available online at approximately 9am Pacific this morning in nine styles—six classic solid colors and three prints—starting at $50. Both the shorts and the swim trunks are made in the Bay Area, and the company guarantees the trunks will "help you dominate pool parties (and lakes and beaches) throughout the land." If you try them out, we'd love to hear all about your domination and thigh liberation.
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