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The Story Behind This New Little Girls' Line Will Make You Cry

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East Bay designer Judy Jou has launched an adorable little girls' clothing line called Elé Story. Jou says it was her late mother's support encouragement that gave her the moxie to design and make clothes, starting with a single piece of lace her mother bought for her when the designer was a child in Taiwan. But it wasn't until Jou's own daughter sang an old Chinese nursery song (that Jou's mother sang to her as a child) that she found the inspiration to create a clothing line for girls.

In the song, an elephant mother tells her young to embrace her long nose because it's natural and beautiful. Jou hopes to pass this lesson on to the younger generation through her clothes that pair the little girl's classic, sweet silhouette with bold prints and colors.

After Jou's first trade show trip to New York, the brand was picked up by more than a dozen boutiques across the globe. Sizes range from 12m to 8, and are 100% designed and manufactured in the Bay. You can also pre-order now online from the webshop for November delivery. This raincoat in the sweetest mint would be perfect for those wintry showers ahead.
·Elé Story [Official Site]
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