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Sean Parker on Bust Sizes and Defamation Lawsuits

Photo by Mark Seliger
Photo by Mark Seliger

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Over the weekend, Jezebel reported that in preparation for their wedding, Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas asked their guests for their body measurements—from head to neck circumferences, from bust to hip width. Because each would receive a custom-made costume, tailored especially for them by the Lord of the Rings costume designer, to wear to the wedding.

So that happened, just after Vanity Fair posted a fawning article about the Big Sur extravaganza with copious images. And then, adding to his nearly 9,500-word Tech Crunch rant, which criticized the media with angry words like "fast and loose," Parker wrote another missive voicing his displeasure with the media, this time on Facebook. He seems to be threatening to sue an Atlantic Wire writer for defamation over a headline. The hubbub concerns whether the Vanity Fair writer was invited specifically to cover the wedding or the story assignment happened later. Either way, the article and a 32-image gallery appeared in the magazine with Parker's blessing, complete with images of Sting serenading the couple among bear-skin rugs. As we've mentioned, none of this is a recipe for the private, low-key affair Parker keeps saying he wanted.
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