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These Beauty Tools Will Give You 15 Minutes Extra Sleep

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Esther enjoying a weekend trip with her hands full
Esther enjoying a weekend trip with her hands full

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Between early morning surfs, wrangling two high-energy dogs, and that pesky little thing called "paying the bills," I'm always running out of time. The last thing I need is a lengthy hair-and-make-up modus operandi. It's difficult enough to not just scrap any beauty effort at all some days. But my self-confidence is never at an all-time high when my skin feels blotchy and my hair is matted. Through trial and error, I've condensed my primp and polish to an easy fifteen minutes for that natural look we girls work hard to achieve. Perfect for the office or for a weekend getaway, these tools and tips allows for a few more minutes in bed or more time out having fun. The best feeling in life is to have your cake and to look good while eating it, too.

The Sultra 3/4-inch rod curling iron, $130, consistently delivers beachy waves and volume. A little trickier to use than a traditional curling iron, my best advice is to wear the cheesy glove that comes with the iron--at least for the first few passes (there's no protection at the end of the iron and burned fingers are the common result). I like to grab pieces of hair and wrap once forward and then once backward. One full rotation around my head is enough for the day's curls that look sexy and natural.

The Beautyblender sponge, $19.95 is one of those tools that once you try it, you can't live without it. I keep one at my vanity, one in my car and one in my purse. The sponges blend effortlessly and cleanly (unlike fingers that cut into make up from the oils on the skin). I notice major improvements in foundation coverage and evenness from applying make up with this tool.

All eyelash curlers are not created equal. Some pinch, some crimp and some don't do a damn thing. The Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, $20, gives the best, lasting curl. And as I mentioned before, longer, darker eyelashes is the easy trick for instant polish. But skipping the curl not only lessens the effect but also makes application of mascara a messier process (which translates into less time efficiency).

The pencil sharpener may seem like a total given. But this Urban Decay Grindhouse Double Barrel Pencil Sharpener, $10, puts all other sharpeners to shame. For the few extra bucks, this one sharpens without excessively shaving, leaving more product for a longer use. And the best time-saving tip is to keep all make up pencils sharp and ready. A dull pencil is not only ineffective but often leads to time wasted actually searching for the sharpener. This small but mighty tool can set you up for true make up success.
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