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We're Live on the Scene at the Philip Lim x Target Launch

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You will find none of these at City Target SF
You will find none of these at City Target SF

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Are you awake this early on a Sunday Morning because you're as insane about the Philip Lim x Target collab as we are? But not quite motivated enough to haul ass to a Bay Area Target location? Don't worry, you don't have to miss a beat. We'll be at City Target in San Francisco, and we'll let you know how it goes—and what might be available for you when you're ready to get out of bed. Will it be mellow like the Prabal Gurung launch last season? Or nutty with pushing and trading like the launches were today in Harlem and Atlantic Terminal in New York City? Keep your browser tuned here! Also note: there seems to be plenty still available online.
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7:55: I'm here! The line is long compared to last season, probably 100 people.

7:58: Bummer news: no Boom! sweater, no bags, no lingerie set at City Target! What?!

8:04: Lengthy conversations are happening about when to expect bags and Boom! Possibly Monday. Possibly never. People are pissed.

8:06: Overheard: I just moved here from New York. The line was short but...

8:08: People keep asking about the bags. These poor sales folks better be ready to field this question all day. Daly City and/or Serramonte and other full-sized locations might have the bags, etc. We'll head over there to check later! UPDATE: An operative tells me Colma (in Daly City) did have the full collection, including bags and Boom! sweaters, but it got picked over aggressively and rapidly.

8:10: No one seems to be touching the floral dresses. Except for that one girl.

8:12: After the disappointment of no bags dissipated a bit, shoppers have been focusing on the navy blue sweater with crystal-encrusted neckline, trenches, and animal print pullovers.

8:16: Women are noting that there seems to be more men's than women's.

8:22: The shoppers have thinned out, everyone is waiting in line to try on now. Wow, the lack of key merch is a big womp womp.


789 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA