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Philip Lim x Target Redux: No Bags or Boom! Sweaters in SF

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You can keep looking, but you will not find a Boom! dress here
You can keep looking, but you will not find a Boom! dress here

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Say What? The most highly anticipated merchandise of the Philip Lim x Target collaboration, which launched in stores yesterday at 8am, was not available at San Francisco's City Target. The nearly 100 people who got up at the crack of dawn to wait in line found out when it was too late that if they wanted a chance at snagging the Lim x Target mini satchel, the Boom! sweater, the sweater dresses, the floral lingerie set, the men's shoes and several more items, a full-sized target outside of the city (Colma, Serramonte or beyond) was the place to be. It was bummer news for the bleary-eyes folks who would have preferred to stay in bed on a Sunday morning.

Target workers fielding questions from frustrated shoppers during the launch said decisions as to what merchandise will be available where is made by Target corporate folks based on market research. Reflecting on the lukewarm Prabal Gurung turnout last season, perhaps it makes sense that they limited the merchandise this time around. But why, we wonder, would they choose to omit the most coveted items, rather than cut back on less exciting merchandise, such as the blue and green tops or floral dresses that hardly anyone was bothering with?

The staff yesterday also said it's possible SF City Target might get another shipment today, so this could be your chance to score a bag or something festooned with Boom! They said if such a shipment materializes, it will happen before noon. We've emailed Target headquarters to find out more, stay tuned!
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