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What's San Francisco's Hottest Retail Store Right Now?

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It's time for the inaugural San Francisco Racked Awards! The tradition has been going strong at Racked for three years running, and SF is thrilled to finally be a part of it. It's our celebration of the best and brightest in San Francisco retail.

We've asked you, dear readers, to vote in two crucial categories: Best New Store, Best Men's Store, and now it's time for our third and last reader voted category: So Hot Right Now. You'll have 24 hours to cast your votes and the full roster of winners will be announced on Thursday, October 10th, in tandem with a gala in New York City to celebrate the winners. So which San Francisco store is the hottest right now?

The candidates are: Alexis Bittar, Converse, Eden and Eden, Elizabeth Charles, Establish, Levi's, Mira Mira, No.3, Seedstore, Uniqlo.

Poll results

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