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Google Glass Is Finally Getting Stylish

Photo via Isabelle Olsson on <a href="">Google+</a>
Photo via Isabelle Olsson on Google+

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Last week there was a lot of hubbub about a certain founder of a certain giant internet company dating the marketing manager of a certain face computer. Said face computer, A.K.A. Glass, has gotten its fair share of flack for being less than chic. But amidst the gossip was a glimmer of hope for the stylish among us who'd like to compute with our eyes but not look like we're in the cast of Tron. Witness above a cute version of Glass, inspired by the aforementioned marketing manager, Amanda Rosenberg.

Isabelle Olsson, industrial designer for Glass, writes on her Google+ page that Rosenberg is her muse. Here's hoping last week's news doesn't put a damper on more, similar inspiration.
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