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Bull Rider Invitational; David Webb Trunk Show

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Photo via Margo Harrison/Shutterstock

OAKLAND—So that cowboy hat that's been languishing on the hard-to-reach shelf in your closet, or those cowboy boots that haven't seen the light of day for years? How about that giant belt buckle that only a real cowboy (or a cowboy's mother) could love? And OMG, do you have chaps? Get ready to break them all out for the Professional Bull Riders Ariat Invitational this weekend at Oracle Arena. Festivities begin at 8pm tonight, 7pm tomorrow. [Racked Inbox]

UNION SQUARE—Head to Neiman Marcus next week from Wednesday, September 11 through Friday September 13 to ogle David Webb's gorgeous, colorful jewels in a three-day trunk show. View the latest collection in the precious jewels salon on the first floor anytime between 10am and 5pm. [Racked Inbox]