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Insider Eye Beauty Tips from the Experts Behind Lashfully

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Image via Lashfully

When you own a growing beauty bar empire that specializes in semi-permanent, mink eyelashes, it's only natural for your clients (a list that includes men and the cast of "The Real Housewives of Orange County") to seek your beauty advice. Which is why Liv Contreras and Matan LePlae, co-founders and co-owners of Lashfully, recently launched Let Your Eyes Speak, a complementary website to the brand's official one that serves as both an ecommerce site and a blog.

LePlae described semi-permanent lashes as "an affordable luxury" at $150 per initial setup (and $75 refills at every six weeks). Understandably, clients want to know how best to care for their extensions, and a large portion of the new site is dedicated to the upkeep of lashes through products and tips and tricks (the videos are actually quite handy). And if you're not ready to make the semi-permanent commitment, the Lashfully line of strip false eyelashes is an easy, affordable option to take longer, fuller lashes for a test run.
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