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Who Will Buy Jim Harbaugh's Pleated Pants for $500?

Photo via LahLahLindsey's <a href="">Twitter</a>
Photo via LahLahLindsey's Twitter

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It all started on Monday, when 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh's wife Sarah called into local radio station KMVQ to defend herself against her husband's quirky game day outfits. "Not very may things make me want to call into a radio station," she said. But she couldn't stand being blamed for his fashion choices, especially his $8 pleated, khaki pants that he buys from Walmart. "I've asked him, 'Please. Pleats are gone, wear the flat front.' He's got a flattering body." She had thrown them away in the past only for him to repurchase them while on the road with this team.

Naturally, Walmart immediately launched a "coach-worthy" campaign. But the Walmart jubilation lasted only so long, because by yesterday Coach Harbaugh was wearing a pair of $23 Dickies flat front khakis at a local press conference. "So, happy wife, happy life," he told reporters. Where are his old pleated pants now? They're for sale at the 49ers store for $500 (one would hope the money would go to charity). But football players and coaches can be a superstitious bunch, and he's worn pleats during many a Niners win. Who will win in the pleats vs. flat front, Niners vs. Seahawks throw down on Sunday? Go Niners! Go... pleats?
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