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Finally: You Can Buy Bikes, Books and Hatchets in One Place

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Rivendell Bikes saw success in Walnut Creek for two decades—apparently the $2,500+ bicycles are special enough to demand $2,500 a pop. But owner Grant Petersen thought: wouldn't it be great to also sell ... hatchets? His dream has come true with Rivendell Bike, Book & Hatchet in a shiny new showroom at 1601 N. Main Street. Along with the gorgeous, "very durable and vigorous" bikes you'll find a wide selection of axes for $100+ made by Gränsfors Bruk. Intrigued but not ax-proficient? Petersen plans to offer hatchet classes on wielding and sharpening the tools.

There are also books and a smattering of outdoor clothing.
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