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Google Glass Introduces More Stylish, Less Cyborg Frames

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Google Glass has introduced a line of four new frames, all of which can be fitted with prescription lenses. While they're not quite as fashion forward as we once hoped, any of the four new designs will considerably improve the look of Google Glass (you can use them with non-prescription lenses as well).

All of the "Titanium collection" frames (we think the Curve design is the cutest) are a dark slate color (the Bay Area preference), and the inside of the arm can match the Glass color you choose. They're slick but simple enough (not too far in the ironic nerd direction) to appeal to a wide range of glasses-wearers. Google did not partner with Warby Parker or another brand to design the frames as once suspected. Glass lead designer Isabelle Olsson led an in-house team on the project.

But Google is not getting into the prescription eyewear business—the new frames can't be without Glass (one of the arms is shorter without the device). Glass was always designed to be modular, The Verge reports, "with a tiny screw that mounts the electronics to the frame." You can get prescription lenses from your own eye doctor, and VSP says it will cover the lenses if you're part of its plan.

The glasses are $225 in addition to the $1,500 Glass. The Verge reports that they feel pretty good: "I've worn glasses for nearly 20 years now and so I'm used to the feel of them, and these new frames didn't seem alien. That's in stark contrast to using Glass without the frames, which despite Google's best efforts always felt a little weird on my ears and nose." Looks like Google is coming one step closer to making face computers normal.
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