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The Can Can Cleanse Will Make You Crave Greens

The lineup for the winter cleanse; photo via <a href="">Can Can Cleanse</a>
The lineup for the winter cleanse; photo via Can Can Cleanse

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Indulgent holiday eating really got to me last month. And in a downward spiral of sorts, I haven't been able to kick the sugar habit since (nor have I made much gain on my new year's health resolutions). I knew I needed something big to snap me out of the gluttonous cycle. And although the juice cleanse is catching some heat in certain fitness circles, I wanted to give it a try.

I did a cleanse many years ago and it was a challenge—but with results. And after some initial research, I chose the three-day Can Can Cleanse ($185) based on a recommendation from a friend (who always has that healthy glow). The Can Can's eight drinks per day (a range that includes teas, fresh green juices, a soup, and a nutmilk) for a total of 1,000 calories sounded fairly sane. Although there were moments of extreme hunger and emotions (the hardest was toward the end of the second day), post-cleanse I'm feeling re-energized and re-inspired to eat my greens and to work out. The cleanse didn't change my body. But it hit reset on my bad eating habits, and that's the change that I'm hoping will stick.

Teresa Piro, the founder and owner of Can Can, started her business out of her San Francisco apartment in 2010. She wanted to help people build an experience with whole nutrients and reevaluate their current diets and relationships with food. "I believe that the practice of short cleanses provides a focused timeout from routine eating and truly inspires people to make changes to promote happier and healthier lives," Piro explained to me.

My Can Can Cleanse started days before the actual liquid phase. For the four days before, I followed the pre-cleanse warmup guidelines and stopped eating processed foods and started drinking more water. A friend who decided last minute to join me skipped this step and dove right into the cleanse portion the very next day. Bad idea. She experienced nausea and an upset stomach and quit by the end of the second day.

I also followed the post-cleanse cool-down, which was when I noticed the most weight loss. By then, I hadn't eaten sugar, flour, or any other junk for a week. At this point in the journey, it was difficult to stabilize my hunger thoughts. After feeling deprived for a few days, I had to work through some major hoard and binge cravings. But on the plus side, what I was really craving was the kale salad from Salada Beach Cafe.

During the cleanse, I often felt a little spaced out. But I did have enough energy for my daily work, chores, and walks with my dogs. Interacting with people proved to be tricky because I couldn't focus on what they were saying (especially if they were long-winded). Instead, I found it easier to be alone with my thoughts and feelings and to really inspect why I felt so scared of feeling a little hungry. That being said, I never felt famished. And a major upside of the schedule and drinks was not having to plan my meals. (Tip: be sure to drink tons of water even while on the liquid diet to stay hydrated.)

One unfortunate side effect was some breaking out on my skin. But a few days after, the same areas are now clear and I feel that glow I so lusted after in my Can Can-veteran friend. Another benefit from the cleanse was the deep, restful sleeps I experienced. That being said, be sure your schedule can allow for 10-hour rests.

The best approach to reaping the most benefits from the Can Can Cleanse is the All-Seasons Pass ($755) that has you on a cleanse schedule of four times per year (meaning you can't slip back into old habits for too long before having to warmup for your next cleanse). And now through Friday, January 31, Can Can is offering $100 off the pass. It may sound a little scary, but it's truly your one-way ticket to having a perma-glow throughout the new year.
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