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This Bronze Skull Artist Hunts Her Own Animal Subjects

<a href="">Ashley Tudor</a> has her own version of camo: lace
Ashley Tudor has her own version of camo: lace

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Ashley Tudor is a San Francisco artist who, in a twist on the traditional animal skull and antler mount, casts the shape in bronze (or gold, chrome or silver), to create blingy yet rustic pieces for the home. But this Pacific Heights-bred sculptor is a bit closer to her animal subjects than most. As CA Home + Design reports, Tudor is an avid hunter who knows first hand what it's like to fell an enormous moose.

"Most people forget that the plastic-wrapped meat they buy in the store was once a living, breathing animal," she tells the magazine. "I know the quality of my food and where it came from."

Photo via Ashley Tudor
Tudor even butchers the animals herself. Think that's gross? She thinks is factory farming is more gross: "... what disgusts me is the way many farm animals are treated. To me, that is truly revolting."

Check out more of her gorgeous bronze cast mounts here; prices available upon request.
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