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Poll: Should Colin Kaepernick Bring Back the Beats?

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Last week, Niners QB Colin Kaepernick wore his pink Beats by Dre —logos on the full display— during a post-game press conference. Maybe it's part of his endorsement deal with the brand. Maybe someone's feeding him lines à la Cyrano de Bergerac. Maybe his neck gets really, really cold without a layer. Whatever the reason, the NFL overlords were not pleased with the statement. And let's be clear: It was a statement.

As ESPN explains, the NFL bars players from wearing unapproved logos for up to 90 minutes after a game. After the league inked a sponsorship deal with Bose, which also makes headphones, officials became even more concerned about competing headphones. And that's when Kaepernick decided to make his Beats love better known. The sports network notes, "Kaepernick has been wearing headphones at his postgame press conferences since he arrived in the league, but he had been covering up the lowercase 'b' logo for Beats by Dre since he was warned last year." When he chose not to do so last week, the NFL fined him $10,000.

Sunday, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton wore his own pink Beats —logo also on display— during pre-game warmups, according to CBS Sports. While it's unclear whether the timing actually violated league policy, Newton is certainly taking a risk in light of Kaepernick's recent five-figure fine.

And that brings us to tonight's Niners showdown in St. Louis against the Rams. Will Kaepernick back down and hide the Beats logo? Should he back down? You decide.

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