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Margaret Elizabeth Celebrates One Year as Best SF Jewelry Store

Margaret Elizabeth bangles
Margaret Elizabeth bangles

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It's been a year of milestones for Margaret Elizabeth designer Meg Galligan. Last fall, Meg opened a bright and airy boutique in the heart of Cow Hollow where customers could shop the brand's sparkly pretties. Eleven weeks ago, Meg and her husband welcomed their son, Tate, into the world. And if that doesn't sound like enough to keep her busy, Meg's fall collection is due later this month.

Through the changes, Margaret Elizabeth jewelry has remained as timeless as ever. Whether your style is layered and opulent or focused around a single statement piece, there's something for everyone. "Each customer is a little bit different and wears Margaret Elizabeth in a different way," Meg explains. Galligan and her staff expertly help customers embrace those differences in the boutique, which is why Margaret Elizabeth can now add a Racked Award for Best Jewelry Store to an already-banner year.

"The best part [of having a brick-and-mortar] is connecting with customers," Meg reveals. "Before, all our interactions were over the phone or online. But now, people have the ability to try things on in person." The biggest challenge of running the store? "The cleaning and vacuuming," Meg says. "The Moroccan rugs shed constantly."

Though most of the Margaret Elizabeth collection is available online, Meg saves a few surprises, —like one-of-a-kind pendant necklaces— for her Union Street customers. While trying on the delicate druzy designs, shoppers can also catch a glimpse of next season's inspiration boards hanging in the adjacent studio. "We pretty much do everything in here," Meg says. It seems as though the only thing she can't do in the open floor plan space is travel, her ultimate source of creativity. (A trip to coastal Italy helped inform the Spring 2015 collection.)

The biggest change for Meg and her brand over the last year has been her newest role as a mom. "It's given me a better understanding of the customers who have children," she explains. It's also changed her own style into one that gravitates toward big earrings or a good statement cuff. It's all part of the larger evolvement of Margaret Elizabeth. "Every year, I learn more," she says. If this first year with a store location is any indication, the next one will bring even more excitement to this city's shopping landscape—and into our personal jewelry collections.
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