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FIDM Collaborates With Yes To

Photo via FIDM
Photo via FIDM

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Apparently today is just the day of collaborations! What started as a conversation at a dinner party for a dog walking group is about to launch in stores across the country. Last year, Joy Chen, the CEO of international beauty brand Yes To, sat next to Kim Wetzel, Director of Education at FIDM at a dinner party for friends who met walking their dogs at Fort Funston. The two of them joined forces, along with YouTube beauty blogger Ingrid Nilsen to start a major project with Yes To and FIDM students.

Joy Chen became the client to a design class at FIDM. She wanted to redesign the packaging for their popular beauty wipes, and the class was up for the challenge. Under Chen and Nilsen's direction, students got real life design experience designing for a real product. After months of work, one student's work was chosen.

Joy Chen and Ingrid Nilsen chose to go with FIDM Senior Jenay Valencia's beachy, colorful designs (in the picture above). She's spent the summer perfecting them, and, of course, adding all that small-font-size legal stuff on the back. And now, they're actually being produced. On to what's important: how do you get your hands on these? They're available online and will be in stores like CVS and Target across the country by the end of the month. This is your chance to support local up-and-coming designers while keeping your skin beautiful.