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Sean Parker Building an App to Make Amends for Big Sur Wedding

Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas. Photo: Getty
Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas. Photo: Getty

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Sean Parker —the Bay Area notable of Napster, Facebook, and woodland fantasy wedding fame— is developing a new beach-mapping app for the California Coastal Commission. How sweet, right? Except this app is the Triple-C's way of placing Parker in time out after he failed to get permits for his wedding spectacular in a potentially sensitive redwood forest. Commission spokeswoman Sarah Christie tells SFGate, "We're now working with his technical team, which is orders of magnitude beyond what we would be able to summon in terms of technical expertise within our agency."

Parker, a billionaire, doesn't seem too mad about the app, or the $2.5 million he's coughed up in fines and grants as part of his settlement with the agency. In the agency's press release, Parker said "Alexandra and I are proud to support organizations that promote education, access to and the conservation of the Big Sur coast."
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