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Zara Terez Invited You to Play Candy Crush Clothing

Photo by Jen Shorr
Photo by Jen Shorr

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Candy Crush Saga aficionados can now wear their support on their sleeves. Okay, maybe not literally since the Candy Crush clothing collaboration with Zara Terez only includes leggings, skirts, and skater dresses, but all the styles feature prints and colors inspired by the game. (Think candy landscape and Odus the owl, who sits at the map's upper right corner.) This pattern is more subtle for the enthusiast unwilling to go full throttle with an overt display of addiction affection. It could also work for the Candy Crush employees trying to keep it profesh in the company's San Francisco office. And when another app inevitably replaces this one, at least you'll have the leggings (or skirt or dress) to remember its heyday.
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