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Dockers is Making Cal Khakis, and There's Not a Pleat in Sight

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If you followed our extensive coverage of Jim Harbaugh's pleated pants situation, you know that khakis are a sensitive subject. But SF-based Dockers is setting out to prove that khakis aren't limited to the realm of dad pants. The company outfitted Harbaugh in flat-front pants for a summer ad campaign, and —more recently— it's been promoting a line of school spirited trousers called Game Day Khakis.

The line consists of pants in both tan and school colors, with details like affirmations printed on the waistband and a college's logo embroidered above the back pocket. One of the latest schools to get the Dockers treatment? Cal Berkeley. (Unlike the video you see above, the pants do not talk in real life.) If you're going to the Cal v. Oregon game tonight at Levi's Stadium, stop by the Dockers booth between the Intel and Toyota gates to check out the Cal Game Day Khakis and score some free swag. If you feel so inclined, you can even buy a pair of khakis to wear to the game. Because if there's anything that can help you cheer more effectively for the Bears, it's having "Go Bears!" written in the waistband of your pants.
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