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The Wests Can't Be Troubled to Wear Orange to the World Series

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The San Francisco Giants should hold a special place in the Kardashian-West family's heart; after all, the Gigantes' humble baseball diamond is where Kanye presented Kim with a far-less-humble diamond in front of a 50-piece orchestra. (Those two understated kids!) Yesterday, the lovebirds returned to the AT&T Park for a very different kind of celebration: The Giants shutout over the Royals. Despite the clearly-hashtagged dress code #OrangeOctober, the Wests stuck with black while hanging out with Barry Bonds. Kim, in what is becoming her San Francisco uniform, wore jeans, nude heels, and a black leather jacket. Kanye layered a black sweatshirt over another black shirt, leather sweatpants, and tan boots. Kim and Kanye may be the first family of fashion —those are Andre Leon Talley's words, mind you— but someone needs to tell them that, for now, orange is the new black.
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