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A National Cycling Champion Is Making Jeans for Killer Quads

Image via Kickstarter/<a href="">Keirin Cut Jeans</a>
Image via Kickstarter/Keirin Cut Jeans

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Forget that Tracy Anderson nonsense about Spin making your thighs bulky; the standard Lulu-clad indoor cyclist doesn't have to worry about her quads outgrowing her skinny jeans. But it's a different story for competitive cyclists and endurance riders. In certain sports, big quads are an asset. They can also make it nearly impossible to find jeans. So what do you do if you have massive muscles or your thighs are just naturally bigger? National cycling champion Beth Newell hopes her Keirin Cut Jeans line can solve that denim quandary.

Newell and Adil Ababakar are designing the Oakland-based denim line with athletic legs and butts in mind. The company's Kickstarter page suggests that "cyclists, runners, soccer players, weight lifters, skiers, skaters, rowers, and cross fitters ... anyone, really, who has found it difficult to fit into jeans" can rock a pair of Keirin Cut Jeans. Right now, the company is only producing a straight leg, dark denim style in a 32-inch inseam for women and a 34-inch inseam for men, but there could be more sizes depending on how much money the brand can raise to produce the line.

Like so many other Bay Area fashion companies, Keirin Cut Jeans is raising money on Kickstarter to produce the initial collection. Newell's crowd funding goal for the project was $37,786, and —with 35 days to go— she's already raised over $60,000. The company plans to start production in the U.S. this December after the Kickstarter is complete, and ship jeans in mid-February to early-March 2015. If you've struggled to find jeans to fit your quads, you have until December 2 to hop on the Keirin Cut Kickstarter bandwagon. Pledge at least $107 and you'll get to test these jeans for yourself.
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