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Fine, Betabrand. You and These Funny Gals Win the Internet

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Betabrand has a long history of using non-models as models on its site. And while many of the retailer's images are customer-submitted selfies, the SF-based biz occasionally surprises us by assembling a group of awesome people to show how its clothes work IRL. (Remember when they enlisted women with PhDs to model last spring?) For fall, the company turned to the female comics and writers behind some of our favorite shows— Carrie Kemper from The Office and Silicon Valley, Kay Cannon from 30 Rock and New Girl, and Rachel Axler from The Daily Show, just to name a few— to pose in what it's calling the Fall Comedy Collection. In addition to seeing how these funny ladies wear clothes, the site has interviews, tidbits, and dirty jokes from the models. Well-played, Betabrand. Well-played.

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