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Where to Fall in San Francisco (In Case You Forgot)

Photo: Driely S for Racked
Photo: Driely S for Racked

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Real talk: You've been spoiled by sunshine. For months, California's multi-year draught replaced the perpetual spring/autumn that San Francisco is known for with what felt like summer. We don't mean misattributed Mark Twain, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" weather; we're talking temperatures that warranted tank tops without a sensible layer. If the 50-degree chill over the last few days (and the upcoming week) has come as shock, let's just remember that this used to be the city's norm. And just in case you're freaking out about what to wear with this (quite reasonable) nip in the air, we have handy shopping maps detailing where to find the best boots and jackets in the city. There's even a roundup of hats to top it all off. It's just fall, folks. Don't make it the winter of your discontent.

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