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Use this 15 Minute Workout to Stay Fit Through the Holidays

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Welcome to Esther Tested, where surfer and Racked SF associate editor Esther Hahn shares her best tips for fitness and beauty in the Bay.

Video by Tracy Anderson for Goop via YouTube

It's Thanksgiving and you're probably like me and traveling. Most likely, you're home to partake in family traditions and mom's turkey, or you may be somewhere warm with beautifully clear water. (Even better if home is actually somewhere tropical.) But wherever you are, you probably don't want to lose precious vacay time to working out. At the same time, you're building momentum into looking your best throughout the holiday season and don't want to fall off track. This quick, 15 minute workout from Tracy Anderson is the answer to both problems. Tracy's my DVD workout of choice for defined muscles without any bulk. No room for weights in the suitcase? No problem—your arms will burn regardless. So use this video, courtesy of Gwyneth's Goop, throughout your Thanksgiving getaway then return to your usual routine of Barry's or SoulCycle or ClassPass come Monday, the first day of December.
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