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The Alexander Wang X H&M Line Started at 11am on Wednesday

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After months of anticipation, the Alexander Wang X H&M collection hits stores Thursday morning. We're keeping tabs on H&M on Powell Street, where the line started Wednesday morning.

Aigne French, Yogini Outlands, Devin Norans, and Erinae Hughes (R-L) are spending the night in the Alexander Wang X H&M line.
Real talk, people. Some of you have questioned whether a collab filled with pieces that say "WANG" in giant letters is desirable. The answer, according to the people who started assembling outside the Powell Street H&M as early as 11am Wednesday morning is "hell, yeah." There's such a frenzy about this collection that we're starting the lineblog the night before the collab launches. If there's a piece that you absolutely must have, you should grab a chair and a blanket and head out the door. And while you're in the queue, tweet us or email us with updates.

7:00pm: I'm here at the Powell Street H&M to see if anyone was committed enough to spend the night in line. Yup. Definitely a lot of commitment.

7:02pm: Just spoke with Aigne French, the first person in line. She arrived at 11am, and it's her first time in an overnight collab line. She tells me she spent the day sitting outside the store, thinking about what she is going to buy, and how she will wait in line for 20 hours. (TWENTY HOURS!!!) She wants the WANG crew neck sweatshirt, the t-shirt dress, and socks.

7:04pm: The second person is line is Yogini Outlands, who came here after work. (She's taking a vacation day on Thursday to recover. She planned this months in advance, like a pro.) Yogini wants the backpack, the crop-top sweatshirt, and maybe the boxing gloves. Solid choices all around. She's made friends with the fellow Wang fans in the line, and she's taking advantage of the 24-hour Starbucks for bathroom breaks.

7:08pm: Just spoke with the third and fourth shoppers in line, who arrived around 4:00 or 4:30. Number three, Devin Norans, is wearing a beanie and he wants a beanie, the crewneck that says Wang, and some of the jackets. Maybe a backpack. Number four, Erinae Hughes, also wants the cropped Wang shirt and the t-shirt dress.

7:10pm: Confirmed with store staffers that the collab will be on the second level of the store, in the same spot where they set up the Marant collection last year. The security guard will start handing out the timed-entry wristbands tomorrow at 7am.

7:15 pm: There are 24 people in line, and we are heading home for the night. I'll be back in 12 hours.

7:27am: I'm back! Security is handing out entry wristbands. I would estimate that there are about 200 people in the line. Right now, it wraps around the corner, almost to Stockton.

7:34am: I have my wristband. I'm in the fifth entry group, and there are about 30 people per group, according to security. So fewer than 200 people in line. Tourists are already asking what's happening.

7:50am: The girls behind me make the argument that the shoes are overpriced because you can find real Wang shoes at the same price when they go on sale. Just something to consider if you miss out.

7:55am: The line is moving. And the girl behind me has the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. Lucky. Just hanging out and waiting for my 9:15 entry time.

8:10am: Shopping the collection online while waiting in line. And the website just crashed. I was so close to getting the blue and black cut out dress.

8:40am: Still haven't rounded the corner to Powell yet. My scheduled entry is in 30 minutes. Must. Stay. Strong.

8:45am: Shoppers are emerging! Theses guys bought shoes, jackets, and a yoga mat.

8:54am: This pair arrived at 2am. They claimed to have bought everything. With four bags, I believe it. I think they're in shock.

9:04am: A cameraman from a local news station just showed up.

9:09am: Two girls who just emerged say that the branded items are depleted. They say there are still big dollar items like the jackets and dresses, but the sweatshirts and beanies are gone. Much to the relief of the Mansur-toting girl behind me, there are still boxing gloves.

9:15am: A mother-daughter team just emerged with four bags. The mother says that there are still sports bras. Note to the daughter: You better go big for Mother's Day next year after dragging your mom to this launch.

9:18am: Two guys who just walked out with two bags each day that there's still some stuff in the men's section, but the smaller sizes are gone. Men's hoodies are depleted.

9:27am: It's been two hours. My entry time has passed. I'm still outside. #thestruggleisreal

9:34am: Inside!

9:37am: Waiting at the barricade at the second level of the store. I spy a lot of jackets and that blue and black body con dress.

9:44am: Finally made it in. There's a lot of good stuff left. Tons of dresses, jackets, and boots.

10:00am: And I'm outta here! I got the blue and black dress and the black and white sheer panel sweaters.

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