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Here's What Left of Alexander Wang x H&M in San Francisco

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It's no surprise that the Alexander Wang X H&M collab was decimated this morning. After all, people started lining up as early as 11am Wednesday for a collection that went on sale at 8am today. Wang fans make last year's Isabel Marant pour H&M shoppers look like mild-mannered amateurs.

After braving both of the H&M locations carrying the collab this morning, I made a second pass by Union Square this afternoon around 4 pm to find out what was left. Bad news: There's not much.

If you want a coat or a tank top, then scamper over to Powell Street. There are still tons of the padded leather jacket in a variety of sizes. This jacket is actually one of the best pieces of the collection, but it's not particularly practical in San Francisco. The men's and women's sections at Powell have been consolidated, and it's mainly the higher-priced items that remain. There are the leather pants, booties, the previously-noted jackets, and a few of the men's coats. The sheer-panel sweaters and backpacks are gone, but Powell still has a few of the blue and black cutout dress left in sizes 6 and 8. I saw one 2, but I wouldn't bet on it still being there.

Westfield Centre has even less stock. The collab area was limited this morning, but it had been reduced to two small racks and a shoe shelf by this afternoon. Once again, you can find the padded leather jackets and a few of the men's jackets, about four of the bikinis, and a rack of tank tops. There are approximately ten shoe boxes, but I doubt there will be anything but tanks left by tomorrow.

On the whole, I would call this a successful collection. If you're just starting your shopping, you're probably out of luck based on what's left. But if you have room on your credit card and an entrepreneurial spirit, swing by both locations and pick up the padded leather jacket to sell on eBay or Poshmark or Threadflip. It's sold out online, so you might turn enough of a profit to buy yourself some real Wang.

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