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Dr. Dreidel Is the Best Hanukkah Gift that Money Can't Buy

Dr. Dreidel. Photo via <a href="http://www.hrothstein.com/the-fun-stuff/#/dr-dreidel/">Hannah Rothstein</a>
Dr. Dreidel. Photo via Hannah Rothstein

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Typically, holiday wish list items fall into one of two categories: things you want and things you need. Occasionally, something comes along that is so awesome it transcends individual categories into the Venn diagram cross-section of gift-giving greatness. The Dr. Dreidel is one of those rare want-need two-fers. And sadly, you can't buy it.

San Francisco artist Hannah Rothstein designed the dreidel —and Chris McCoy of you3Dit did the laser etching— to bring "together two unlikely cohorts: the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah and rap music." Each side of the dreidel has a different image of Dr. Dre, which corresponds with a Hebrew letter and "the aftermath of the dreidel's spin." The Verge reports that Dr. Dreidel is not currently available for sale, but Rothstein is toying with the idea of production. If you want to petition Hannah to bring Dr. Dreidel to the masses, you can tweet her at @Ahha_Hannah.
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