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The Sexiest Brand on Earth Was Born in the Bay Area

Image via Twitter/<a href="">Victoria'sSecret</a>
Image via Twitter/Victoria'sSecret

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In the days leading up to the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show broadcast, you learn everything you never needed to know about the "Angels." You probably already know what they eat, how they stay fit, when they landed in London, and who is best friends with whom. But did you know that the brand behind all those perfect behinds started in the Stanford Shopping Center?

In 1977, Stanford grad Roy Raymond opened the first Victoria's Secret in Palo Alto. In 1982, he sold the company to The Limited's Les Wexner for $1 million. In 2013, the company was taking in $5 billion in net income and topped YouGov's Brand Index as the most popular apparel brand in the world, according to Slate. For more on the VS-Bay Area connection —like Wexner discovering the company here in San Francisco— check out the article.
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