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BART Discontinues WiFi, But Kinda Saves Your Bank Account

Photo via <a href="">BART</a>
Photo via BART

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The Bay Area's BART trains will continue to boast those super-icky seats in 2015, but riders will no longer be plagued by the convenience of WiFi. BART officials announced Monday that the train line had "terminated its license agreement with WiFi Rail, Inc. (WFR) to provide Wi-Fi service at BART." Passenger WiFi ended immediately, SFGate reports. While BART and WFR argue over whether BART had legal authority to terminate the license —the transit agency says it was ending a trial period, but the WFR CEO says BART officials are backing out of a long-term contract— the real losers in this deal are the commuters. If you depend on BART WiFi to keep you entertained (or working) between points A and B, you have our condolences. If you use WiFi to get your online shopping fix during transit time, maybe the service interruption will save you from a case of buyer's remorse. Let's just hope your commute doesn't interfere with your morning flash sale shopping.
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