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Moxie Is Making Its Move on Nob Hill

Photo: Moxie Yoga & Fitness
Photo: Moxie Yoga & Fitness

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Moxie Yoga & Fitness is adding a second San Francisco location on January 1. The popular Mission-based studio will ring in the New Year with a new boutique studio at 1501 Taylor in Nob Hill. Classes in the space will be 55 minutes, with a maximum capacity of 20 students. Thanks to infrared heating panels, the studio will never get too chilly.

If you don't dig a spiritual yoga practice, this could be your new favorite yoga spot. The Moxie approach to power yoga meshes a framework of postures (based on modifications of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa system) with Pilates, isometric and resistance movement. Instead of the philosophical instruction you hear in most yoga classes, the focus is on the physical benefits. The crew will celebrate the new location with free classes on New Year's Day January 10, so plan your week accordingly.

Update: Due to construction delays, Moxie's Nob Hill debut has been delayed until January 10.

Moxie Yoga & Fitness

1501 Taylor, San Francisco, CA