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Vote Now for Betabrand's Next Mr. Valentine's Day and Model

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Betabrand's Mr. Valentine 2013, <strong>Peter Leipzig-Scott</strong>, shows contenders how it's done. Photo via <strong><a href=";type=1?utm_source=web&amp;utm_medi
Betabrand's Mr. Valentine 2013, Peter Leipzig-Scott, shows contenders how it's done. Photo via

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With the clock counting down the minutes until the February Cupid-madness is behind us, we thought you could use a sexy reminder of what's at stake this weekend. We don't mean friendship or a relationship or your actual sex life. We're talking about the bragging rights (and modeling gig) that go along with becoming Betabrand's Mr. Valentine's Day 2014.

San Francisco-based Betabrand is hosting its annual Mr. Valentine's Day contest on Facebook to pick a new beefcake to grace the side of its delivery van. This is serious, folks. Your votes will decide which Betabro's bod will be airbrushed —airbrushed!— on a van that could deliver purple disco pants to your home.

Here's the skinny.

The company is accepting submissions through Wednesday, February 12. Contest rules state that contestants: 1. must be wearing clothes, and 2. at least one article of that clothing must be from Betabrand. (Upload your photo here by selecting the "already own our clothes" button.)

Voting will continue on the contest's Facebook album through Thursday, February 13. Facebook likes = votes. The winner will be announced on Friday. Then it's just a matter of time before the winner's photo is added to the van. Even the best of the losers kinda win—BetaBrand says "runners-up will appear as smaller (though still formidably sexy) images elsewhere on our van."

So if you care at all about humanity—or vans—cast your vote. And if you're in the market for new Betabrand gear, the company is offering friends of competitors 15% off an entire purchase through Friday with the code MrVDay2K14.
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