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The Pager Makes a Chic Return

Photo via <a href="">Cuff</a>
Photo via Cuff

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Are you digging the wearable tech trend, but not so pleased with the clunky designs? As we await this spring's launch of the Tory Burch for Fitbit collection, there's another SF-based startup that's also focused on the aesthetics of wearable tech. Cuff is creating beautiful jewelry that works with a small rectangular, bluetooth component (called the CuffLinc) to act as both an outfit accessory and a safety device. According to the brand, if the wearer squeezes her Cuff jewelry (with a Cufflinc inserted) an alert will go out to designated individuals in the wearer's network. Sounds a bit like your grandma's "I've fallen and I can't get up," device right? You could also think of Cuff like a pager—to get your husband or babysitter to finally call you back. Thankfully, though, more tech features are to come. For now, at least the pieces are pretty. Pre-order the jewelry here (for an end of the year delivery) and receive a free CuffLinc for a limited time.
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