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How to Not Be Creepy or Rude While Wearing Google Glass

Photo via <a href="">Google Glass</a>
Photo via Google Glass

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Okay, so by now, we've all seen them. Those people, wearing those space-age glasses while lurking around the refreshments table at parties—or standing in line at the grocery store. Sure, we may be speaking from jealousy (as we do not "Ok, Glass" just yet), but we're also speaking from an underlying creepiness that accompanies Google Glass. It's the same kind of creepiness that would be triggered by a person walking around with a video camera in hand, constantly at the ready to capture footage (namely, you not on your very best behavior).

To address the growing notion of the "Glasshole," Google has released official advice on proper Glass etiquette. Tips include to not "Glass-out" and to not "be creepy or rude." And perhaps with the more stylish frames, the wearers won't stick out like sore thumbs (or at least, not as much). But we think it'll take an even playing field (i.e. everyone owning a pair) before the term "Glasshole" can truly be laid to rest.
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