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It's an App Miracle: Bras That Really Fit, Delivered to Your Door

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Every Monday is Cyber Monday! Welcome to Racked SF's weekly series that highlights the fashion and retail apps emerging from the Bay Area.

Photo via ThirdLove/Facebook

How awkward is a bra fitting? You're cornered in a fitting room with one sales lady armed with a tape measure, hugging your body, and another cupping and groping your breasts—all to be dubbed a size that doesn't actually fit. This is the problem that ThirdLove has successfully fixed—and has made accurate bra shopping possible from the privacy of your own home. The startup was co-founded by husband-wife duo David Spector and Heidi Zak and is a mobile app that finds your bra size using two "selfie"-style iPhone photos (an Android version is still in development and should be released in the next few months).

It's complicated on the backend with advanced algorithms (and seven patents protecting the technology), but on your end it's so simple: you're given a number that's your accurate, chest circumference measurement and a cup size (in half sizes) then forwarded along into your customized shop. The phone-generated size may not work with every brand since Zak tells us that ThirdLove provides the actual measurement while many other brands do not. But there's no need to go looking elsewhere since ThirdLove's shop is stocked with all the types of lingerie you would ever need from everyday, seamless T-shirt styles to sexy, lacey underthings. And recently, the app has opened up to allow users to shop the store without using the sizing technology, but 85% still choose to use it.

ThirdLove's goal is to fit everyone in high-end, luxury bras no matter the size of their boobs or budget. And thanks to the half cup sizes (that go up to E) and the direct-to-consumer prices, the in-house designed bras are making good on the goal. According to the numbers and the reviewers, the whole concept is working. There's only a 13% return rate (lower than the industry standard of around 30% for similar ventures), and the app has landed itself on Apple's best lifestyle app list for three weeks running.

Our favorite aspect about ThirdLove is its adaptability. As a small startup, packaging and sets are easy to create with short turnaround periods. Trends and colors are in stock just one to two months after inception. And the panty and bra sets are easy to mix-and-match from the three style sets with colors that are consistent throughout. (Note: there's no sizing technology for the panties.) Looking for the perfect bridal party gift? Team up with ThirdLove for a five-panty set ($28) and a giftcard for a bra that truly fits ($40-$70) ahead of your big day. Shipping and returns are free, and look for a new collection will be released in May.
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