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Doge Is Writing Yelp Reviews in San Francisco: 'Wow'

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Image via Slate

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The Shiba Inu dog behind the Doge meme is in San Francisco reviewing restaurants and boutiques under the handle Doge S. He (she?) did not care for the burrito at Iron Cactus: "0 speshul. shib can make such bettar burrito at shib home. poop." Shib's review of beauty and home goods retailer Elizabeth W, however, was glowing: "*sniff sniff* shibe nose so overwhelm. wow. overwhelm with AWESUM! many fragrance. many type of produhct." And the Doge very much enjoyed the free ice cream at Shabu Tonight: "WOW. O MY DOGE! ICE CREAM 4 FREE!!!11! ZERO MONEYS FOR ICE CREAM!!!!!"

Doge S. lives in the Inner Sunset and has written 15 reviews so far on Yelp since January. Wow. Much prolific. So opinion. Such funny!
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