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Drinking Beer While You Make Stuff Is as Fun as It Sounds

Photo via Workshop/<a href="https://www.facebook.com/workshopsf">Facebook</a>
Photo via Workshop/Facebook

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Do you shop like you're an expert seamstress but really have no clue how to sew? Then you're a lot like me. Once I realized my "to tailor" pile in my closet rivaled the amount of clothes in my drawers, I knew it was time to address the issue. And with a lofty goal of becoming a DIY queen (the kind that has a booming Etsy store), I signed up for Sewing 101 at Workshop ($42). The 7:30pm start time works well for the after-work crowd, and once we were all assembled—and cracked open our beers—we got to work on our simple can koozies and sock monkeys. It was just like the DIY school's favorite hashtag describes: You drink beer while you make stuff (#drinkbeermakestuff).

The class and instruction were straightforward with no studen left behind. Everyone made the koozie and everyone graduated on to the sewing machine to make the sock monster (remember to bring your own socks if you want your monster to be a specific pattern). Leaving class, I felt empowered to tackle my pants that needed hemming and my shirts that needed tailoring. But the moment I returned home with koozie and sock monster in hand, the drive to buy a sewing machine and practice was gone. And sewing is really one of those things that requires practice and repetition to nail the skill (especially to remember all the little steps in setting up a machine). If I were to really get serious about becoming my own tailor, I would sign up for consecutive Workshop sessions—which is easy to do (the sewing class is offered a couple times per week).

Overall, I can't find complaint with the class itself. I accomplished the organizers said we would. I even found validation in my hand-sewing skills (which I previously doubted as being correct). And although the smart choice would be to master this new skill before moving onto the next, I'm already feeling seduced by the list of other classes to take (especially the hair braiding and the flower arranging ones). There are options for a fun girls' night (i.e. DIY Home Spa) and others that could make a nice gift for your guy (i.e. making artisanal cocktails with local booze). So isn't it high time that you drink some beers and make some stuff? That pile of unworn clothes is calling.
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