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Woman Attacked for Wearing Google Glass at SF Bar

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Image via Google Glass

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In San Francisco, the infamous crimes of fashion are usually those of the footwear variety. Who can forget the woman (allegedly) attacked by two shoe-wielding assailants in North Beach or —our favorite— the (alleged) Marina Louboutin Skullcrusher? (Does anyone know what happened to the MLS? Email us at!) Last week, however, the city's ne'er do wells shifted their focus from the feet to the face, culminating in an alleged mini crime spree at Molotov's on Haight Street.

Sarah Slocum claims that her Google Glass, purse, and phone were stolen during a last call kerfuffle at the Lower Haight bar. In a post on Facebook, she wrote, "I got verbally and physically asaulted and robbed last night in the city, had things thrown at me because of some wanker Google Glass haters, then some *bleeeeeeeeeep* tore them off my face and ran out with them then and when I ran out after him his *bleeeeeeep* friends stole my purse, cellphone walet and everything.."

Slocum told KPIX that she recovered her Glass after chasing down the thief, but that her other belongings are still missing. (Our friends at Eater SF have additional details on the situation, including updates from barflies who witnessed the scuffle.)

From the sound of the reports, some of Molotov's patrons weren't so thrilled when they thought Slocum was recording inside the bar. If you're planning on sporting your Glass while on the town, may we suggest brushing up on Google Glass Etiquette to minimize your risk of attack?

And bar patrons? Please don't attack or steal from the Glassholes. Violence is never the answer.
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