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No Subscription Necessary for These Beauty Samples

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Photo via Trymbl

The beauty industry's sales hit $60 billion per year, but only 4.5% of that is from online purchases. We can all relate: there's something about going into a Sephora or a department store to play around with colors and product before taking the plunge. But what if beauty samples came directly to you, with no strings attached?

SF startup Trymbl began when the two co-founders Mona Bajwa and Arshiya Shaikh were too busy to stop into stores — and frustrated when they blindly bought products online that added to skincare woes (rather than solving them). The site requires a selection process to jump through before gaining membership, but once you're in, you can choose and order free samples—or test drive full-sized products (free for 15 days)—without waiting for a monthly box. The brands on tap (like Mukti from Australia and Wash With Water for kids and babies) are toxin-free and largely undiscovered. So give it a go — there's nothing to lose.
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