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10 Spring Cocktail Looks That Drunk Partiers Can't Ruin

Photo via Shutterstock/<a href="">Ammentorp Photography</a>
Photo via Shutterstock/Ammentorp Photography

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We're only one day into Spring, but it feels like party season is already in full swing. Suddenly, your time is no longer your own because you're expected to make an appearance at some kind of social engagement every night of the week. (First world problems, right?)

The key to dressing for a soon-to-be-drunk crowd is dark colors, patterns, or a combination of the two. While few garments will tolerate being doused with a glass of red wine, an errant drop won't ruin these looks, or your night out.

Of course, the real problem at these events is deciding what to wear. All black, all the time is boring, but wearing white to a cocktail party—or a foodie event like next week's Taste of the Nation—is just asking for trouble. No, what you need is an eye-catching ensemble that won't show the boozy spills and food stains that are bound to happen when 500 people start drinking for a good cause.

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