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800 Eager Shoppers Are in Line at the SF Opera Costume Sale

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Good morning, lovies! It's far too early to be out on a Saturday, but we're here in the Dogpatch for the San Francisco Opera Costume Sale. There's a large crowd already assembled at 800 Indiana Street, eager to grab all the things when the doors open at 10:30 am. What time did the first person arrive? Where's the closest bathroom?

8:00am:We're here, along with about 200 of our closest friends. No surprise, there are people in costume at the costume sale, and a hula-hooper.
8:02:Ventured to the front of the line for a little recon. Someone had the good sense to set up a coffee and hot chocolate service on Indiana. She arrived at 5:15 am.
8:06: Just heard someone pop a bottle of champagne. Whee! It's officially a party!
8:08:Just spoke with the only member of the first in line posse who is currently awake. She arrived at 11 pm last night. The first person (presently sleeping on his cot!) showed up at 7 pm. Solid!
8:16:Good news, people. There's a porta-potty by the front of the line. No need to test the limits of your bladder!
8:31:Our friend just showed up with breakfast sandwiches and coffee. This line just got so much better.
8:45: The girl next to me is checking the Tinder scene for the line. A surprisingly hot guy just popped up.
8:50: It's a match!
9:00: Opera staffer is walking around asking people if they received tickets. So it looks like there may be a method to the eventual madness.
9:02: "Everyone stay put. Someone will hand you entry tickets and a discount for the opera." Bravo!

9:05: And there's a breakfast sandwich wagon making the rounds. $5 each.

10:30: Doors should be opening any second. This is what the line looks like now.
10:32: People have packed and stowed their chairs and are consolidating the line. Word is that staff will admit the first 200 ticket holders. Then it will be one in, one out.
10:34: I'm 196!
10:40: More champagne popping. The gate is open.

10:42: Staffers confirm that the first 200 ticket holders can come in for now.
10:43: There are about 800 people in line, so if you want in on this sale, head to the Dogpatch stat! My friends are #595, and they arrived at 10am.

10:48: Ugh. They're shutting us out apocalypse style while people trickle in. May the odds be ever in our favor.

10:50: Inside!

10:54: Prices!

11:05: Inside the designer section, where staffers will assist you with the pricier pieces.

11:10: Another shot in the designer section.

11:30: It's a zoo. And you can't leave piles lying around. Staffers will move your finds back to the racks if unattended.
12:18: We just checked out and as we left, #661 was about to enter. The line is still wrapped around the block, past Iowa. There's still plenty of merchandise, but dusters, masks, and kimonos are in short supply. The high-end stuff is still plentiful, so big spenders could still make out well.The last person in line is 2236. Good luck everybody!
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