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Ride Into Spring in Style on One of These Beautiful Bicycles

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As the air turns warmer and the days grow longer, nothing sounds as nice as going for a bike ride. SF-based Mosi Bicycles recently launched its first collection of vintage and European-style bicycles that combine timeless design with functionality. "There is no doubt that bicycles have been relevant since the 19th century—but our Mosi collection is far more interesting," Darren Buck, President of Mosi Bicycles, tells Yahoo! Finance. "We strive to create a fresh take on a classic—joyful cycling that not only puts you in a good mood but is sure to turn heads and create buzz. I like to think of them as an extension of your personal style and an easy way to add charm to any outfit." So make room in that spring wardrobe budget for one of these beauties. Not only will it save you the hassle of parking, it will also be one of your most stylish accessories.

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