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Can't Go to Africa? This Tee is the Next Best Thing

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Today's pick comes from Racked National columnist Frank Gargione.

Gant Rugger Sebra Tee, $46.81 at Amazon

Is it just me, or is the African safari adventure this winter's It vacation? Seriously, if I have to look at another iPad photo gallery of ostriches and hippos and champagne in hot air balloons I might lose it (or at least betray the fact that I'm so, so, so jealous). It's fine, though. I'll just buy the Sebra tee from Gant Rugger. Navy blue and playfully splattered with an all-over print of adorable rust-colored zebras, it's totally just like zebra-spotting in Michael Kors from a cream-colored Land Rover. But, you know, ever so slightly cheaper.
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