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Clearly These $50 Sunglasses Are A Summer No-Brainer

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Today's pick comes from Racked DC editor Adele Chapin.

Le Specs Noddy, $49

On-point D.C. boutique Redeem introduced me to the world of Le Specs, an Australian brand that cranks out the coolest sunglasses for less than $100 each. They feel sturdy, they're at a price point that won't make me terrified to take them out of the house, and Aussies know a thing or two about UV protection.

The toughest part is picking out which ones to take home: I started with basic black and now I'm eyeing another pair that will match absolutely every outfit ever, the clear-framed Noddy glasses. I love the retro shape, the smoky lenses, and the fact that clear is the ultimate neutral.
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