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Meet SF Shop Girl, a Blogger Who Makes an '80s Vibe Modern

Photo via <a href="http://sfshopgirl.blogspot.com">SF Shop Girl</a>
Photo via SF Shop Girl

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Welcome to Racked SF's new Blogstars series, where we celebrate the Bay Area's most stylish bloggers.

We were drawn to Alexandra Bigley, A.K.A. SF Shop Girl, for her always-perfect bright lip, frequent pops of neon, and geek-chic glasses from the moment we first laid eyes on her. It doesn't hurt that once you get to know this University of San Francisco grad, you find that her lovely personality matches her sweet style. The Lower Haight/Hayes Valley resident is a content and social producer at Covet Fashion, an app for building virtual outfits with your real-life favorite brands. We asked Alex a few probing questions so you might get to know her too. Check out the interview below!

Photo via SF Shop Girl

What makes you blog?
"Pure passion. I have always been enthralled, some would say obsessive, with fashion and the industry itself. It's in the bloodline. My grandmother was a milliner and both grandparents owned clothing stores in the south."

Who takes your photos?
"My co-worker, Amanda Lulewicz and occasionally, my boyfriend."

Tell us something about yourself we would have never guessed.
"I met the man himself, Mr. Ryan Gosling, at Bimbo's in San Francisco. That one second made my entire life."

You're at work, and you get an email inviting you to a fabulous, dressed-up affair. You're wearing ripped jeans and loafers and don't have time to go home and change. What's your strategy?
"Haha. This normally happens and I end up sticking out like a sore thumb because I usually just go as is. Eh. Anything's acceptable in San Francisco, right? Alternatively, I would quickly run to one of the neighborhood boutiques and frantically scour for something suitable to wear."

How would you describe your sartorial personality and which Bay Area store best matches it?
"I would say that my sartorial personality is colorful, quirky, and adventurous. I have no interest in appealing to the mass market."

Rand+Statler and Azaela boutiques are curated extremely well and have most of the mid-higher price point designers I covet."

If you had to sacrifice one, what would it be: lipstick, mascara or brow pencil/gel?
"I would sacrifice a brow pencil, but that's easy, because I don't ever use one."

In five years I hope to be [fill in the blank].
"RETIRED and living the dream. No but seriously, in five years I hope to be running my own venture, either here or abroad."