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Meet the Women of Pinterest, and Don't Assume They're Designers

Photo by <a href="">Maria del Rio</a> via <a href="">Refinery 29</a>
Photo by Maria del Rio via Refinery 29

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Refinery 29 documented a tour of Pinterest's tricked-out SOMA headquarters, and got to know five of the company's key female employees. While the inequality between the sexes and the dearth of female engineers at Bay Area tech firms is well-documented, we were excited to see that three out of the five women in R29's feature are engineers. One of them describes a recent incident (not at work), where she was stereotyped:

A male engineer I met on Caltrain asked what I did. When I mentioned that I worked on the web team at Pinterest he interrupted and said, 'Oh, you're a designer.' When I clarified that I was an engineer, he then made a comment along the lines of: 'You look more like a designer than an engineer.'

We're just hoping that wasn't meant to be a pick up line.
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